Command line tools

PxWAV. Finds and extracts WAV audio samples from JPEGs (originated from digital cameras) and other files. Recognizes FlashPix EXIF extensions.
Usage: pxwav [options] files... [options]

-o ...         set output file or directory
-f, --force    overwrite existing output file(s), never prompt
-p             preserve timestamp (use the same for output files)
-v             verbose
-s             silent, no messages

  pxwav -pf *.jpg                 - preserve timestamps, overwrite output files
  pxwav jpegs/*.jpg -o wavs       - extract audio samples to the wavs directory
  pxwav hpim0942.jpg -o sounds.wav     - create or overwrite sounds.wav
Tested with JPEG files from an hp 635 digital camera.
PBinGrep. Searches binary files, prints the locations of matches.
Usage: pbingrep [options] pattern [files...]

Allowed wildcards and escape sequences in pattern:
.         any byte
|         or
\. \\ \|  ., \ and | characters
\000-\377 octal numbers

--debug   print debug information

  pbingrep "RIFF....WAVEfmt" *.jpg   - lists WAV audio samples in JPEG files
  pbingrep "\377\342..FPXR" *.jpg    - lists FlashPix extensions in JPEG files
  pbingrep "\377\342..FPXR|RIFF....WAVEfmt" *.jpg   - lists both
JPEG Compression Quality Tester. Approximate compression quality calculation for JPEG files.
Usage: jpegquality [-v or -vv] files...

-v    verbose (progress monitoring)
-vv   very verbose